Before you buy or adopt a pony make sure that you meet the minimum requirements:

  • An outdoor area to graze and play.
  • Your residence must allow exotic animals or livestock.
  • A pony friend.  Ponies are herd animals and get lonely without a horse companion.
  • A commitment - Mini horses and ponies can live to be more than 50 years old.

Remember, an alternative to pony sales is adopting an unwanted or neglected pony.

The Guide Horse Foundation recommends that you consider adopting an unwanted, abused or rescued pony from a horse rescue organization or buying a pony from an auction where the killer buyers attend.

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The worlds largest Micro Miniature Horse Sales


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If you want a TINY pony for sale, this is the place.  We have Pygmy ponies and super tiny ponies sales to qualified buyers.

Sweetwater's pony Sales farm is the world's largest pony sales farm. With five farms and over 3,000 acres of pasture, Sweetwater specializes in super-small micro miniature horse sales and pygmy horses. Over the past two decades, Sweetwater's has been a leader in mini horse sales, and has produced dozens of AMHA and WMHR national champion ponies. 

If you are looking for an exceptionally small pony for sale, we can arrange a pony sales via telephone. All of our ponies (sales) have a quiet temperament, and make great outdoor pets. All tiny ponies (in sales) are registered with Worldwide pony Registry.

Super small mini horse sales - Starting at only $2,995


Penny's Ponies
Complete supplier of pony sales agent & mini horse sales

If you are looking for an exceptionally small pony for sale, we can help.  All tiny ponies sales are docile, handled extensively, and available for immediate purchase.

Penny ships worldwide to qualified buyers

We are a leader in mini horse sales and ponies sales in the USA.
Our ponies sales are top quality, and our mini horses "sales" are all vet inspected.
We offer mini horse sales and ponies sales at reasonable prices. Our ponies in sales are always superb quality.

 There are also internet pony sales and owner-posted ponies for sale on the web.

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