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Sweetwater Pigmy Horse farm is the world's largest miniature horse breeder. With five farms and over 3,000 acres of pasture, Sweetwater specializes in the sale of top-quality equines and supplies the foundation stock for some of the world's finest miniature horses and pigmy horses. Over the past two decades, Sweetwater's has been a leading producer of the pigmy horse and miniature horse, and has produced dozens of national champions. 

We accept all major credit cards and offer miniature horses starting at only $500.

Ask Yourself - Why pay more?

Sweetwaters has hundreds of tiny miniature horses for sale, and we can help you choose the perfect miniature horse and ship it anywhere in the world. Sweetwater breeds to the world's best bloodlines including Bond Tiny Tim, Orion Light Van Huttenest, Rowdy, Gold Melody Boy, Sweetwater Magic Man I, Egyptian King, Roan Ranger, and X-Caliber Little Navaho.

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Here is just a small sample of our top-quality horses:

Sweetwater's Big Star   Sweetwater's Bit O' Honey   Sweetwater's Cocoa Bar
Sweetwater's Golden Girl   Sweetwater's Lil Toal Booth   Sweetwater's Little Fire & Ice  



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