How to save a condemned Miniature Horse

Before you buy a miniature horse, make sure that you meet the minimum requirements:

  • At least a half-acre of pasture. Mini horses don't live indoors.
  • Your neighborhood MUST be zoned for livestock or exotic animals.
  • Horses are herd animals and get lonely without a miniature horse companion.
  • All pets can be expensive if they need Vet care. Any Vet hospital surgery can cost thousands of dollars.

Every years thousands of miniature and horses and ponies are slaughtered, and you can help.

Miniature horses are easy to find and it is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a show-quality miniature horse.  Here is where to find cheap miniature horses for sale:

  • Regular Horse Auctions - You can buy a nice miniature horse at many horse auctions and get the added benefit of saving a life. 
  • Miniature Horse Auctions - The world's largest breeder has semi-yearly auctions in South Carolina where a healthy registered miniature horse can be purchased for less than $150.
  • Horse Rescue Organizations - Many unwanted miniature horses are saved by charitable rescue organizations and can be adopted for a nominal fee. 

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